Audio/Video Systems

Whole House Music


Nothing adds more ambiance while entertaining than music playing through the house, inside and out. With MSP, you can experience music where you want, when you want. From true high-fidelity quality components to multi-zone music distribution, we can help you set the mood with full control over your entire media collection.

Your home can be divided into individual zones, each of which is able to select separate audio source material and adjust local volume. Or, just as easily, operate the whole house from one keypad.

  • Listen to Music in any room of the home.
  • Choose from 1,000s of music stations.
  • Listen to your own Digital Music and Playlists.
  • Listen to different "Sources" in different rooms.
  • Access Internet Music.
  • Wake up every morning with the news radio station.
  • Set every room to the iPod and preset the volumes for a party.
  • Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it’s bedtime.

Mozart in the Living Room, Sinatra on the Patio and Queen in the Kitchen. We can do that!

The controlling electronics and amplifiers are centrally located in the entertainment center or an equipment closet. High-fidelity speakers, usually flush-mounted in the ceiling or wall, provide wide coverage throughout. Specially designed weatherproof speakers may be concealed in planters, rocks and benches. Speakers can be hidden almost anywhere, inside or out, just tell us, and MSP will make it happen.


Whole House Video

With a whole-house distributed video system, you can watch shows from your DVD player, VCR, Satellite Dish, or Closed Circuit TV Cameras on any TV, simultaneously in any room of your home. There is no need to purchase DVD players and other video equipment for every TV because the system is centralized. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system in your media room.

  • Watch expensive Video equipment anywhere in the home.
  • Minimize expensive Cable/Satellite boxes.
  • Monitor what the kids are watching.
  • View and control Video equipment over Smartphone or iPad
  • New technology? Updating is a snap!

Easily control the entire system through handheld remotes, wall touch screens, or even your smart phone! The only components needed in each viewing area are speakers and a TV screen. Whatever your needs, an ideal system can be custom designed for you.