Home Automation


We have created state-of-the-art home automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control. MSP offers a variety of touch-screen and handheld control systems allowing unprecedented control over each subsystem. The automation design allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that displays important information. Electronics that save you money, enhance and simplify your life! Our Home Automation products provide you with the ability to control all aspects of your home:

  • Arm and disarm your Security system.
  • Receive text and e-mail alerts when something is wrong.
  • Adjust Thermostats.
  • Turn Lights On/Off.
  • Play music throughout the home.
  • Lock and unlock doors.
  • Monitor and control energy usage.
  • Control, view, and record Cameras.
  • Help the elderly stay safe at home for longer.
  • Simplify and enhance your lifestyle.
  • Control your home while away from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Device, or Computer.

Home Automation is now a standard item that greatly increases the value, safety, and efficiency of your home. It is about leveraging technology to simplify and enhance your lifestyle. MSP can even configure it so that your system sends an email or text to inform you:

  • When your children have arrived home from school.
  • If there is flooding in the home.
  • If there are low/high temperatures.
  • If any alarm condition occurs.

These systems can be upgraded, so if you do not need some features right now, they can be added at a later time. Whatever your needs and budget allows, we can design a system that is right for you. Let MSP show you how the Automation solutions we offer can improve your quality of life!