Control Systems


Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing & Building Control

During important meetings, never waste your time or focus fumbling around with multiple remotes to pilot a presentation. Through familiar and easy-to-use touch devices, smart remotes, and On-Display Menu intelligent control, MSP provides one-touch control that streamlines interaction of all technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center.

From complete control and automation of intelligent lighting, climate, shades,room scheduling, privacy glass audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentation material, to the powering of a telepresence or video conference meeting, MSP creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment.



Campus-wide Control, Smart Classrooms & Distance Learning Centers

MSP supports a wide range of applications. From complete campus control, emergency alert notification, messaging, and distance learning, to in-classroom lecture capture, interactive whiteboards, and basic management of multi-media presentation material, audio, video, intelligent lighting controls, shades, and temperature. MSP's education solutions create a powerful learning experience with the added benefit of school-ground safety and utilities management.

Improve your educators’ efficiency and enhance the learning environment by providing dynamic and interactive pedagogical tools. An integrated teaching platform from MSP enables teachers to unify collaborative learning tools and technologies to create an impactful and memorable education experience for students.



Hospitals & Medical Centers

As hospitals and research labs modernize to take advantage of 21st century medicine and medical practices, MSP intelligent control systems can help streamline the various healthcare technologies, patient information, training objectives, and procedures.

MSP can take control of the entire complex or medical center, providing single-room or central intelligent lighting, climate control, content delivery, and more — making the critical workday for nurses, doctors and other clinical staff more productive and efficient.

In children’s hospitals, MSP A/V Entertainment Control solutions can help to remove medical concerns from a child's mind by creating kid-friendly video game and media rooms for their enjoyment.



Churches & Worship Centers

MSP can create a dynamic and comfortable worship experience by enhancing congregational education and communications. From a single, easy-to-operate remote touch screen in a centrally located area, set the appropriate atmosphere for congregants by adjusting intelligent lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, and microphone levels.

Complement traditionally designed worship settings by introducing audio and video display systems. With one touch, MSP can lower and raise projection screens and power High Definition TVs to exhibit important sermon messages or song lyrics.

With MSP, prevent theft and protect valuable house of worship property with a complete security system, door locks, motion senor integration, and the ability to view surveillance cameras while off premises using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.



Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants & Night Clubs

MSP puts you in central and complete command of casino security and camera surveillance, hotel architectural lighting, restaurant temperature, and climate— plus the digital signage and distributed AV in sports bars and nightclubs. And, we do it all with integrated AV control systems.

From a command post onsite or in remote location, monitor and manage energy consumption through green technology, run system diagnostics and schedule facility maintenance. MSP tightly integrates with motion and occupancy sensors to turn-off or lower intelligent lighting and lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms or building zones.

In your penthouse suites or VIP rooms, offer guests a personal and convenient entertainment experience. By simply plugging in their iPod or iPhone into MSP's in-wall and table top media docks, guests can instantly access and play their entire personal music or video iTunes collection throughout the space.



Shopping Center Control & Storefronts

Create the ultimate shopping experience with an MSP Control System. With attractive touch screens and smart remote controls, or iPad and iPod touch—activate elegant storefront intelligent lighting scenes based on time of day or day of year—set a comfortable temperature, stream easy listening music, display important store and product information with interactive digital signage, and more.

Transform an entire shopping mall or retail complex into a secure and productive energy efficient environment. With MSP's green technology, property managers can remotely manage the security, climate, lighting, cameras, and audio/video systems.