Consultation & Design


 Effective systems integration requires careful planning, layout, and design. MSP offers advanced consulting and system design services. From structured wiring layouts to integrated control of various subsystems, MSP is here to implement your systems just the way you envision them.

You’re already investing a substantial amount of time and money into your project. So, why not take the step to have your project professionally designed ensuring you not only have a great system, but you have a system designed specifically around your individual needs.

There are many elements to a professionally designed system. Many of these are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system design is important to the quality and success of the final project.



Project Management

Project Management is a critical but often overlooked service in many projects. At MSP, we plan and coordinate each phase of the project and interface between all parties, from the builder to the supply house to the client. MSP's outstanding attention to detail is followed on each and every project, no matter the size.